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Based on the novel, "Near Witch", by Victoria E. Schwab

Within Near you can feel it on the winds. WHISPERS that carry the essence of life across their currents. A breath that is deep and painful, yet powerfully enchanting, too.



On the day several children in the Town of Near go missing, a stranger in the woodland village appears. Lexi discovers this mysterious stranger on a quest to find her missing sister and unknowingly startles a part of her spirit awake.

Rising with the stranger’s appearance, a deep darkness from within the underbelly of the town ascends. Whispers of the Near Witch grow, an ancient deity and woman who once blessed and roamed the lands. She is but a myth built on an old fairy tale…but could she be real?

Lexi is constantly searching for answers, and in her quest she discovers the rigid ways of her ancestral home still guard the way NOW more than ever. 

Since the dawn of time, for as long as she could remember, Lexi has always watched a town built on old archaic traditions huddle in fear of the unknown. She's always known her mother to shrink under the cloak of despair. Lexi shrinks for no one.


While her father's disappearance left a scarring shroud and mark against her family, Lexi is confident that there is more than meets the eye to her father's disappearance, and that somehow the mysterious happenings around Near must be related.


Most centered and grounded within the confines of the forest, Lexi uses her connection to the earth in unconventional ways. Her growth on this journey will be jarring to those that grew up around her; even her childhood friend Tomas struggles to keep up with the powers stirring inside of Lexi.

As the children of Near begin to disappear, Lexi pushes to not only find out what is happening, but also to discover the truth about the foundations of her home.


She finds out more about herself than she ever imagined possible. Through this journey, Lexi finds that she holds the power necessary to change Near forever; within herself.


And change she will...


We want to SEE and FEEL the nostalgia, grounded within the emotive pulse of fantasy, touching us at our most cerebral. NEAR WITCH is Pan’s Labyrinth meets Princess Mononoke meets Black Panther except we're diversing the lens of this world through the gaze of black and brown identities.


What struck us about Near Witch was how multifaceted it was, and how Victoria lays the groundwork for such a beautiful fantasy driven story that will allow us to elevate untold voices through a myriad of diasporic notions. Near Witch will be the rare film that combines power, vision, and voice with the ancestral ties that bind us all together.


The vision for Near witch is to envelop and empower so many themes. The themes of strength. Themes of self-awareness. But most importantly, of loss and the transcendence of redemption. When fear leads, we ultimately lose. Near Witch allows us to see the bigger picture.



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